‘Dethroning Mammon: making money serve grace’ by Justin Welby – a review by Gordon Kuhrt

"Mammon is money or possessions when they are enthroned. The author says there is nothing wrong with money in itself, but when it exercises supreme power (is enthroned) it becomes mammon: evil, destructive and dangerous."

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We are delighted to announce that the Revd Canon Dr Phil Groves has been appointed as Associate Rector of Wychert Vale Benefice. He will join a team of clergy who are enabling ministry in the parishes of Haddenham, Stone with Dinton and Hartwell, Cuddington, Kingsey and Aston Sandford. Phil is married to Anne and he currently works as Director of Continuing Indaba at the Anglican Communion Office in London. Indaba is a process of honest conversation that seeks to build community, energize mission, and provide a context in which conflict can be transformed. Phil has had many years of experience of parish ministry in Leeds and Melton Mowbray, where he had a special role in encouraging young families. The Groves also spent six years in Tanzania where Phil taught in the Anglican training college and mentored new clergy. Phil and Anne have three adult children and are exploring becoming foster parents. They will be moving to live in Stone, later in the year.

Changes to the regular pattern of services

We are making some small changes to our service pattern from September 2015.

At the 10.30am services on second & fourth Sundays we will have Morning Worship with Communion and Children's Church. These services will include a creative range of music, prayer and teaching, with communion in the second part of the service. The Children will meet at St Mary's Centre from 10.20am for Children's Church, and join us in church for a blessing afterwards. We may have a short family time at the end of the service.

There will also be some gradual changes in the 6.30pm services; Wellspring will be held on the third Sunday of the month, Footprints will end and a new Praise Service supported by the 100% worship band will be launched. Codex will continue in its present form until December.

There are no planned changes to the 8.30am services

The new pattern will be reviewed after 12 months, and in the meantime, any feedback will be welcomed by Gordon Kuhrt, who chairs the PCC Worship & Witness committee. 

Saturday 23rd November saw the launch of a new Christian charity called The Dignity & Hope Foundation Cambodia with a dinner dance and auction at The Spread Eagle Hotel in Thame. 95 people attended and were treated to a 3 course meal, an auction of gifts and promises and live music by local band The Vibe. There was a presentation by Sally Corfe, co-founder and a short video from Mr Sophany Pang, director of DHF Cambodia’s partner organisation in Cambodia, Kone Kmeng, talking about the issues ordinary Cambodians face in life and how we can help. Nearly £7,000 was raised in total which will go towards a project run by Kone Kmeng to support young people in Cambodia so that they are able to stay in school and get a good education.

Listen to Revd. Dr. Richard Turnbull lecturing on the life and significance of John Wycliffe at the Codex evening service in St Mary's on 6th November 2011.  The lecture is in two parts and the links to each part are below.  (Part 1 is 20 minutes and Part 2 is 24 minutes)

John Wycliffe (c. 1328 – December 31, 1384) was an English Scholastic philosopher, theologian, lay preacher, translator, reformer and university teacher who was known as an early dissident in the Roman Catholic Church during the 14th century. His followers were known as Lollards, a somewhat rebellious movement, which preached anticlerical and biblically-centred reforms. The Lollard movement, was a precursor to the Protestant Reformation (for this reason,Wycliffe is sometimes called "The Morning Star of the Reformation"). He was one of the earliest opponents of papal authority influencing secular power.

Wycliffe was also an early advocate for translation of the Bible into the common language. He completed his translation directly from the Vulgate into vernacular English in the year 1382, now known as Wycliffe's Bible. It is probable that he personally translated the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; and it is possible he translated the entire New Testament, while his associates translated the Old Testament. Wycliffe's Bible appears to have been completed by 1384, with additional updated versions being done by Wycliffe's assistant John Purvey and others in 1388 and 1395.

Richard Turnbull is the Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford where he teaches courses on Anglicanism, Evangelicalism, and the Reformation. His research, writing, and speaking engagements focus on these areas.