Churches Together in Haddenham

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are revealed in the Scriptures as a unity of love and mission. 

The Ministers and People of:

Haddenham-cum-Dinton Baptist Church

The Roman Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd

Haddenham Methodist Church

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin

undertake to:

  • Engage in common witness, caring and service in the community
  • Worship, pray and study together
  • Foster mutual affirmation, support and commitment
  • Co-ordinate our support of world-development and aid agencies
  • Permit one partner to undertake work on behalf of all
  • Support closer relationships between individual partners within the Covenant
  • As far as denominational constraints permit, to work towards full recognition of one anothers's membership and ministry.

CTiH Meeting minutes can be viewed here.