A church has stood on the site of St. Mary's in Haddenham since before the Norman conquest. When the Domesday book was compiled, the entry for Haddenham shows that there was a priest - known only as Gilbert - and that he possessed 360 acres of glebe land. Sadly nothing remains of Gilbert's church although a small fragment of the south wall may well be Saxon in date. The church as we know it today was built during the 13th Century, the tower - which experts say is the finest Early English example in the county - being completed last.


St Mary's Haddenham interior - following the Millennium Project renovations in 2008

More recently St Mary's has just undertaken a two-phase millennium project to renovate and reorder the interior of the church building. This has involved the replacement of the aging pipe organ with an electronic instrument; the relocation of the vestry into the south transept; installation of toilet and new kitchen together with a crèche room in the tower and general improvements to decoration, lighting and audio-visual systems.

The full church guidebook was last published in 1981 and unfortunately is now out of print but the latest version of the shorter historical guide is available here.