Global Mission

St Mary's Haddenham has a long history of supporting mission. In the summer of 2012 our Global Mission Group produced a mission strategy for the church and decides on the annual allocation of the tithe made by St Mary's to mission work, a sum that is frequently over £10,000. The focus of our attention is currently on these mission partners and organisations: Christian Engineers in Development (CED); Kone Kmeng in Cambodia; Kailean & Kim Khongsai working with A Rocha UK in Southall, and funded through the Church Mission Society (CMS) and the Malachi Project. These are all organisations and people that we have strong links with. In line with our mission strategy we give the greatest financial assistance to these four.

We also support other organisations with smaller amounts of money. 

But we don't stop there! We often give money to support disaster appeals and local initiatives, including Tearfund's disaster relief work and foodbanks in Thame & Aylesbury.