Our Mission Partners

Christian Engineers in Development (CED)

Established in 1986, CED is a membership organisation of Christian engineers and associated professionals who want to use their skills in overseas development work within the framework of a professional organisation. Our aim is to offer a quality professional engineering service at minimum cost to communities, via our partners, to enable them to address some of the underlying causes of poverty and ill-health. We are run and managed by volunteers. We seek to serve whole communities; we respect the beliefs of others and though we want to introduce them to Jesus, would see it as contrary to his teaching to oblige people to listen to our message as a condition of receving help. CED policy is to establish partnerships with local communities and promote self-help with the maximum use of local resources of manpower and materials.

Recent projects include:

  • Water supply, improved sanitation & hygiene promotion for 22,000 people in Pawaga, Tanzania
  • An extension to a water supply to serve a school in Gulu, Uganda
  • Technical advice and supervision for repair of a water offtake, Kenya
  • Assistance with repairs to Zanzibar Cathedral
  • Assistance with water supplies in Thar, Pakistan

CED greatly appreciate the faithful, generous and invaluable prayer & financial support ut has received from St Mary's church. CED can only operate with support of this kind.

For more information please see www.ced.org.uk.

A Rocha

Kailean and Kim Khongsai, with their daughter Limmy, work in multiethnic Southall with A Rocha, the Christian environmental agency.  The Khongsais are linked with Church Mission Society (CMS) through whom we offer our funding.   They run family events on the Minet Park reclaimed country park, encourage local people to tend allotments and are now pioneering the development of another urban green space project called Wolf Fields.  Kim also manages the A Rocha Centre, UK headquarters of A Rocha.  They seek to share the love of Christ with their mainly Sikh and Muslim neighbours through encouraging community development and working together in God’s creation. 


Kone Kmeng

Kone Kmeng is a Christian charity based in Phnom Penh and working throughout Cambodia seeking to transform the lives of vulnerable children, through working with the local church network.

Their five main programmes are:-

Children At Risk (CAR) program is designed to respond to at risk children in a holistic approach which focuses on Education Support, Prevention/Protection, Income Generation Assistance and Spiritual Growth.

Relief and Development assistance (RDA) through providing clean water, sanitation and health care

Childrens Prayer Movement  -  children will bring changes to their families and communities as their faith is strengthened through a lifestyle of prayer

Partner Capacity Building helps to build the capacity of Kone Kmeng partners to develop a clear project and to run projects with effectiveness and efficiency

The Dorm Ministry Program (DMP) provides opportunities for education for young people at high school and college levels.

A new charity ‘Dignity and Hope, Cambodia’ was formed in 2013 in the UK to fundraise for Kone Kmeng and other similar Cambodian charities.  www.kone-kmeng.org

Kanlungan sa ER-MA Ministry Inc

In 1988, Kanlungan sa ER-MA Ministry Inc was established in response to the growing need of abuse & exploitation of street children in Metro Manila. "kanlungan" means sanctuary or refuge, ERMA stands for Ermita-Malate, the former red light district of the Philippines capital.

Kanlungan provides street children with necessary care, love, protection, rehabilitation & education. Driven by unity, love, respect and faith in God, Kanlungan helps to improve the lives and gives opportunities to the families living on the streets of Manila.

Establishing a relationship with the children starts on the streets by providing street children with on-site services such as first aid, counselling, health education and recreational activities. Kanlungan also organise street dweller groups, working with the street families and mobilising communities to help eradicate child abuse and neglect by conducting parent effectiveness services.

Kanlungan have a dedicated team of Street educators who bridge the gap between the streets, the drop-in centres and the residential care programme offering the children additional help & support.

Kanlungan is a non-profit organisation, licensed by the department of social welfare & development to operate as a child-caring agency, registered with SEC.

Barnabas in Schools and BRF

Barnabas in Schools provides a professional education service to primary schools, resourcing the teaching of Christianity & the Bible within RE & Collective Worship. Our team of two staff and 18 freelance education and creative arts professionals work with primary schools through England, leading Barnabas RE Days and training sessions for teachers. We also publish a range of books for use in the classroom along with an extensive website, packed with free downloadable resources. During the last academic year the website received 87,400 unique visitors and over 21,500 "Ideas to use" PDFs were downloaded.


Barnabas in Schools is part of BRF, a registered Christian charity. Other aspects of BRF include Messy Church, Foundations21 (a free online Christian lifelong learning resource), and Who Let The Dads Out? (an outreach to dads and their children), along with an extensive publishing programme of Bible reading notes and books (including apps and ebooks).


Mission Aviation Fellowship UK

This is part of Mission Aviation International, operating some 125 light aircraft (some are fitted with floats) in over 30 countries to bring Aid and God's word to isolated communities and also medical evacuations in emergency situations.

It was all started by Murray Kendon in 1944 as a wing of the Mildmay movement in London. He was joined by Stuart King to carry out a survey of Central Africa in 1948. In 1950 the first service was started in Sudan.

Today MAF are involved with Relief Agencies, Bible Translators & National Government Organisations. They often fly to remote airstrips, saving many days by road, such as they are, boat and on foot.

MAF are now helping to provide and maintain communication networks giving help to isolated communities. Everyone is committed to serving in this way, with many locals being trained in all aspects of support for the planes, enabling MAF to provide a service to other organisations involved with relief work.

Some of the countries covered include Angola, Bangladesh, Borneo, Congo, East Timor, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Southern Sudan and Tanzania.


Tear Fund  

A Christian international development charity working through local churches to unlock people's potential, helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within them.   www.tearfund.org